The Migrating Mind

Art isn't born. It's found.

As artists, we like to picture ourselves as lone geniuses. We believe that the best art comes from some deep, isolated place within us. We believe that we need to suffer, be misunderstood, maybe even shut ourselves off from the world to get to the good stuff. I think that’s not true.

Art isn't something we pull out of thin air. It's a reflection of everything around us – the people we meet, the experiences that shape us, and the crazy, messy, beautiful world we're a part of.

Even if we swear we're just creating for ourselves, somewhere deep down, we want our work to be seen, to be understood, and celebrated.

It takes a massive community of curators, publishers, producers, fans, media houses, buyers, etc., to bring up an artist. We’re connected to the world through our art. And, that connection — that’s what’s fuelling us to create more.

Everyone has incredible thoughts and ideas. As artists, we have the right tools to bring them to this world in a medium that resonates with a large group of people. In short, artists are simply enablers.

So, if you're an artist, don't fall into that trap of isolation. Get out there. Talk to people, listen to their stories, take in the world. There's inspiration everywhere, just waiting for you to grab it. Remember, we might create the art, but we're never doing it alone.