The Migrating Mind

Work, Life, and Parenting

My daughter got wedged under a wooden stool yesterday morning. She tried doing it the day before, but we didn't let it happen. So, she decided to try again in the morning while we were asleep. She succeeded, and then she started crying. We pulled her out, but I have a feeling that she'll do this a couple more times before giving up.

Parenting is a state of mind — a mix of fear, wonder, love, happiness, worry, and frustration. A beautiful chaos you didn't ask for, but wouldn't regret later.

Your life and schedule goes for a toss the moment you become a parent.

The transition from “work-life balance” to “work-life-parenting balance” is a significant shift. It requires a new set of skills, such as understanding gibberish, peeking into their pants every few hours to see if they had done their business, keeping them busy, and the ability to foresee potential dangers.

Kids are totally wild. You get comfortable for a second, your kid will try to eat a block of thermocol, or get herself stuck in the cramped space under the wooden stool.

Parenting is overwhelming, especially for mothers who spend significantly more time with the kid compared to fathers. Despite having two months of paternity leave, I still feel I haven't done enough.

No number of books, online courses, or Instagram wisdom can fully prepare you for parenthood, as every child is unique.

99% of your parenting skills are acquired through hands-on experience and quality time spent with your child.

If you're a new parent, it's essential to have an incredible amount of patience and to not feel guilty about not knowing enough about parenting. Remember that you will learn and grow alongside your child, and that the challenges you face are a natural part of the journey.

I've begun my journey recently, and I'll be sharing what my perspective in this space going forward.